Weight Water Fat Logger v1.1 released

I just uploaded version 1.1 of Weight Water Fat Logger to Google Play. The update fixes some small UI issues and also adds German translation. Thanks to everyone for their detailed feedback and motivating ideas. It is very much appreciated! User feedback is the most valuable and one of the most essential things you can have when developing software.

Visit Weight Water Fat Logger on Google Play or read about the details here:

v1.1 (small UI improvements, German translation):
  • Add save button to editor. Leaving the editor via “back” button now cancels your edit!
  • Add notifications about performed action.
  • Add hint to create entries, if the list is empty.
  • Improve create button’s size.
  • Hide cursor focus after on finishing the editor via “Done”.
  • Add German translation.

Feel free to comment here, if commenting on Google Play is not your thing.

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