My name is Hennes Brütt. I am a seasoned web developer with over 10 years of experience, living in Salzkotten, Germany. I have been working freelance since 2014. Since then, my main focus in development is on the front-end. At the same time I am experimenting with cross-platform frameworks, too, such as React Native.
Besides, I am a passionate panoramic photographer.

What I do

I have been doing fullstack web development and a bit of native Android and iOS development since 2006, getting my hands on various technologies in many projects. On the upside, I got a really good (and broad!) overview, on the downside, it felt like Jack of all trades – and master of none. To remedy this, I decided to focus on the front-end, which at the same time opened the doors to experiment with cross-platform mobile frameworks like Titanium or React Native.

If you want to know more about my experience with technologies, frameworks and stuff, please have a look at my public Gulp profile.

Besides all coding, staring at screens and communicating with machines, I like dealing with people. And that is no discrepancy at all, because ultimately, that’s what you do when programming. I don’t know who coined the following phrase initially, but ever since a former teammate mentioned it, with each day staring at code, it became more and more truthful:

“Programming does not mean to tell a machine what to do (in some obscured way). It is more about telling your fellow programmers (and your future you) what you want the machine to do – in an easy and unmistakable way.”

I totally care about communication with teammates, users, customers – well, just anybody involved in or affected by a product. Because without it…

comic how the customer explained it


If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hennes Brütt
Geseker Str. 10
33154 Salzkotten