MapDrop 0.2.0 OTA released

I just released MapDrop v0.2.0 OTA – Map fixes, Feedback option

All test users will get this version automatically, because this is an Over-the-air (OTA) update, meaning the installed app will load the latest code from Expo servers upon start. No update via Google Play Store is required.

  • Change: touch-zooming in Drop Map should NOT be possible
  • Change: dragging in Drop Map should NOT be possible
  • Fix: Zooming in (Solve map) does not zoom to visual center
  • Fix: Zooming out (Drop map) does not keep visual center
  • Fix: zoom around antimeridian (Longitude 180) moves map
  • Add: version string on Home screen
  • Add: feedback button on Home screen
Special thanks to A&L for their thorough testing!

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