First things first. Old version:, new version:

One of my passions is panoramic photography. Or panography. Out of curiosity and technical challenge, I started doing timelined panoramic pictures. That is multiple panoramas taken at the-most-exact-same-point-you-could-ever-imagine over time. By doing so, I can document change (IMHO) in quite an immersive (read: impressive 😉 ) way. In plain photography people refer to this as rephotography.  Transferred to what I do, I like calling it “repanography”.

I launched my first panorama gallery in 2006, using plain old PHP and MySQL. My web development skills were on a rather novice level. Looking at the code from today’s perspective gives me a mild grin (but also chills, here and there). The site is still online. Please see the links below. This first release was not built to show the aforementioned timelined panoramas, and additionally, it had no backend UI, so PHPMyAdmin became my unholy friend.

In 2013 I started from scratch, using all the development skills and fancy web frameworks I had available by the time *sigh*. This second release got an integrated admin panel and, more importantly, a panoramic timeline feature, so I could show off some panoramas I took over time. Want to see my favorite? Currently, I am not actively working on this prject, not even removing glitches or UI fails (like three different tones of red…). Content is king 😉

I can be rather perfectionistic at doing things I care most about, which very unfortunately leads to the fact that not more than 20% of the panoramas I took over the years (some across Europe and even some few across the world) are actually online. Stitching, retouching, aligning timelined ones… it all takes time.

Visit these, if you want to have a look:
2006 version here (plain old PHP with MySQL and massively outdated browser plugins):
2013 version here (Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL and some AWS):