WWFL launcher iconWeight Water Fat Logger, the name says it all, is an easy and fast Android app that lets you manually log weight, water and fat, provided by your body fat scale/body water monitor.

Your scale does not provide any wireless connections for automatic logging or you just do not want to use it, maybe for privacy reasons? You want an app that just does one thing right and keep things simple? This app is for you!

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  • Save date, weight, water and fat per entry
  • Clean and simple interface, no clutter, no feature overload
  • Permission friendly: no permissions at all. Your data belongs to you!
  • Fast and responsive, even with hundreds of entries


  • This app currently works for Android 3.0 and later (API level 11).

Upcoming features

  • Material Design
  • Change the order of fields when inputting data, so that it corresponds with your scale’s display order
  • Export data as CSV
  • Simple graphs
  • Sort list
  • Format date according to your device’s setting
  • Optimize for tablets

Version history

1.1 – Small UI improvements, German translation (2015-09-15). Read more.
1.0 – Initial release  (2015-08-31)

Get it on Google Play