My name is Hennes Brütt. I live in Berlin, Germany. I am a freelance front-end web developer and a passionate panoramic photographer.

A few years ago I combined my two biggest passions, photographic creativity and technical tinkering, and created my own playground on the web. In 2006 was born, a simple gallery for panoramic pictures. Much later, in 2013, I started programming on its successor, which is sort of stagnant at the moment due to work projects. If you want to read more, visit

In August 2015 I was curious on getting a little hands-on experience with native Android development. So between work projects I grabbed the first idea that made sense to myself while being simple enough to master at the same time: Weight Water Fat Logger. For minimally advanced weight logging, you can log what your body fat scale displays: weight, body water and body fat. Manually. Clean and easy. No bells and whistles. The first release was on August, 31st 2015, followed by v1.1 on September 15st.